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Florence Scovel Shinn and Shannon O’Hara Access Consciousness

Shannon O'Hara, Access Consciousness

Spiritual Laws Meets Access Consciousness

Manifestation teachings, varying in methodology and approach, span generations and philosophies. Two remarkable voices in this domain are Florence Scovel Shinn, a luminary from the early 20th century, and contemporary spiritual teacher Shannon O’Hara. Although separated by time, their teachings interweave fundamental truths about human potential and universal energies. This article endeavors to provide a comparative exploration into the worlds of these two powerful women.

Shannon O’Hara: The Guiding Light Behind “Talk To The Entities”

In the expansive realm of metaphysics, spirituality, and conscious living, there stand certain figures who not only explore the boundaries of our known reality but also redefine them. One such pioneering spirit is Shannon O’Hara, associated with the transformative platform, Access Consciousness, and the founder of “Talk To The Entities”. Her journey, marked by deep insights and a mission to normalize conversations around entities, is both intriguing and inspiring.

The Early Calling

From a young age, Shannon displayed an innate ability to perceive and communicate with energies and entities that many couldn’t. Rather than shying away or suppressing these gifts, she chose to dive deep, exploring and understanding her capabilities. This early interaction with the spiritual realm set the foundation for the path she would later undertake.

Access Consciousness: The Catalyst

Shannon’s association with Access Consciousness played a pivotal role in shaping her worldview and spiritual pursuits. Founded by Gary Douglas, Access Consciousness focuses on empowering individuals to create a life without limitations. Under this banner, Shannon learned about the tools and techniques that can unlock one’s potential and shift entrenched paradigms.

“Talk To The Entities”: A Revolutionary Approach

In the spiritual community, the topic of entities has often been surrounded by misconceptions, fear, and stigma. With “Talk To The Entities,” Shannon O’Hara aimed to change this narrative. The program is a comprehensive guide to understanding, communicating with, and leveraging the power of entities. Far from the fear-driven portrayal in popular culture, Shannon’s approach is one of respect, understanding, and co-existence. She emphasizes that entities are just another aspect of the universe we inhabit, and a harmonious relationship with them can be mutually beneficial.

A Life Dedicated to Service

Beyond her structured programs and teachings, Shannon’s life itself is a testament to her commitment to enlightening and aiding others. She travels the world, conducting workshops, sessions, and talks, guiding individuals in their spiritual journeys, helping them embrace their abilities, and fostering a community where unconventional spiritual beliefs are not just accepted but celebrated.

Shannon O’Hara’s work in the realm of spirituality and consciousness is a beacon for many. Through her dedication to demystifying the world of entities and her contribution to Access Consciousness, she has touched countless lives, offering clarity, understanding, and empowerment. As more individuals open up to the vastness of the spiritual universe, guides like Shannon become invaluable, leading the way with compassion, knowledge, and authenticity.

Florence Scovel Shinn: The Spiritual Foundations of Manifestation

Florence Scovel Shinn’s work became a touchstone for many who delved into the realm of manifestation and spiritual alignment:

  • Affirmative Power: Central to Shinn’s teachings is the belief that words, when spoken with deep faith and clarity, hold the power to reshape one’s reality.
  • Universal Spiritual Laws: Shinn emphasized the importance of aligning oneself with divine principles. Understanding and navigating these laws became pivotal in her manifestation teachings.
  • Faith and Intuition: Embracing unwavering faith and tapping into one’s intuitive prowess were integral elements of Shinn’s guidance.

Shannon O’Hara: Access Consciousness and Energetic Realities

Shannon O’Hara, known for her contributions to Access Consciousness and for delving deep into the world of entities, brings a modern twist to energy work:

  • Asking Questions: O’Hara believes in the power of inquiry. Asking the right questions, according to her, can unlock doors to limitless possibilities and change.
  • Entities and Energetic Interactions: One of O’Hara’s distinctive areas of expertise is her work with entities. She underscores the profound influence of entities on our lives and teaches methods to communicate and collaborate with them for mutual growth.
  • Being in Total Allowance: O’Hara often emphasizes the importance of being in a state of allowance, letting go of judgments and embracing everything just as it is.

Access Bars Therapy

Access Bars Therapy is a revolutionary healing technique developed by Access Consciousness, a global movement founded by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer. This therapy involves gently touching 32 unique points on the head, known as ‘Bars,’ which correspond to different areas of life, such as creativity, communication, money, and healing. The belief is that these points store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, and beliefs that you have stored over the years. By lightly touching these points, practitioners can access and release the stuck energy, helping to clear mental clutter, eliminate self-limiting beliefs, and reduce stress and anxiety.

Many people who have experienced Access Bars Therapy report a profound sense of relaxation and clarity, and some even describe it as feeling like they have had a ‘mental decluttering.’ This therapy is particularly beneficial for those feeling stuck in a particular area of their life, struggling with mental health issues, or simply seeking a deeper sense of wellbeing and relaxation. It is a non-invasive and holistic approach to healing, aligning with the Access Consciousness philosophy of empowering people to know what is true for them and to create a life of ease, joy, and glory.

Comparative Insights: Shinn vs. O’Hara

1. Verbal Affirmations vs. Energetic Interactions: While Shinn focuses on the tangible power of spoken words, O’Hara delves into the subtler realm of energetic interactions, teaching individuals to sense and navigate the energies around them.

2. Spiritual Laws vs. Limitless Possibilities: Shinn’s teachings hinge on understanding and aligning with universal laws. In contrast, O’Hara’s guidance often leans into embracing the boundlessness of possibilities, urging individuals to step beyond any perceived limitations.

3. Timeless Wisdom vs. Contemporary Tools: Shinn’s teachings, rooted in early 20th-century spiritual insights, provide timeless wisdom. O’Hara, influenced by contemporary spiritual paradigms, offers tools and practices tailored to modern challenges and understandings.


Florence Scovel Shinn and Shannon O’Hara, each in their unique way, offer invaluable insights into the art of manifestation. Shinn’s teachings provide a sturdy spiritual foundation, empowering individuals with affirmations and alignment principles. O’Hara’s work, rich with modern nuances, invites individuals into a deeper exploration of energetic realities.

For the contemporary seeker, weaving together the foundational insights of Shinn with the dynamic practices introduced by O’Hara can create a multifaceted, holistic approach to manifestation and personal growth.

Further Reading by Manifesting Masters

If you’ve ever felt drawn to the profound insights of Florence Scovel Shinn, you might find intrigue in exploring the teachings of these contemporary spiritual thinkers and manifestation mentors. Their beliefs, while distinct in many ways, intersect with Shinn’s foundational truths in interesting dimensions.

An array of thought leaders has illumined the domain of manifestation and spiritual enlightenment, each offering their distinct insights that have touched the hearts and souls of myriad seekers. Ken Honda, often regarded as the “Zen Millionaire,” encapsulates the essence of abundance and prosperity, teaching the joy of managing money harmoniously. Lynne McTaggart dives deep into the mysteries of consciousness, blending science and spirituality to explore our interconnected reality and collective intention’s potential.

Leeor Alexandra, with her vibrant energy, imparts wisdom on aligning with the Universe, emphasizing that manifesting is a heart-centered endeavor. Access Consciousness offers transformative tools to change anything in one’s life, promoting greater awareness and personal freedom. 4Bidden Knowledge pushes the boundaries of conventional wisdom, exploring the fringes of cosmic understanding and ancient truths.

Liora, with her ethereal approach, emphasizes the importance of the soul’s journey and alignment with one’s true self. You Are Creators underscores the mighty power within all, driving home the message that we are the architects of our own reality. Sarah Centrella champions the power of visualization through her ‘Hustle Believe Receive’ methodology, fostering resilience and purpose-driven living.

Jake Ducey and Aaron Doughty both amplify the teachings around the law of attraction and conscious creation, guiding individuals to harness their innate capacities and reshape their realities. Lacy Phillips introduces a refreshing perspective on manifesting, focusing on self-worth and ‘shadow work’ to attract one’s desires. Pam Grout experiments with the Universe, crafting engaging ways to demonstrate that energy and intention can indeed shape outcomes.

Life by Lucie provides tangible steps for individuals to elevate their vibrations and live joyfully, while Shannon O’Hara delves into the world of entities and consciousness, broadening our understanding of the seen and unseen. Michael Sandler, with his penchant for heart-centered living, emphasizes alignment with one’s highest self and the beauty of synchronicity. 

Together, this ensemble of luminaries has crafted a rich tapestry of insights and teachings, guiding individuals toward a life of purpose, joy, and abundant manifestation.