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Ed Mylett Net Worth

Ed Mylett net worth

Ed Mylett’s Remarkable Financial Journey

Ed Mylett’s journey to financial success is nothing short of inspiring. He is not only a motivational speaker but a living testament to the principles he preaches. Ed Mylett’s estimated net worth is around $550 million, and it’s likely that this figure has continued to grow given his diverse revenue streams and entrepreneurial ventures.

Early Career in Insurance

Mylett’s path to wealth began in the insurance industry. He built a highly successful career by establishing his own affiliate of insurance company, WFG/World Financial Group. Through dedication, determination, and effective leadership, he transformed his agency into one of the most prominent and profitable in the industry.

Diverse Revenue Streams

Motivational Speaking

Ed Mylett’s primary source of income comes from both his insurance company and his career as a motivational speaker. He is known for his dynamic and engaging presentations, where he shares his insights on personal development, leadership, and success. His speaking engagements at conferences, seminars, and corporate events are highly sought after, and he commands substantial fees for his appearances.


Mylett hosts “The Ed Mylett Show,” a popular podcast where he interviews influential guests, thought leaders, and high achievers. Podcasting not only broadens his reach but also generates revenue through advertising and sponsorships.


Ed Mylett’s YouTube channel is another platform where he shares motivational content, interviews, and personal insights. YouTube monetization, in addition to sponsorships and partnerships, contributes to his income.


Ed Mylett has authored books that offer practical advice and inspiration for personal growth and success. Book sales provide a steady revenue stream, and his publications resonate with his audience.

Consulting and Coaching

Ed Mylett provides coaching and consulting services to individuals and businesses seeking to enhance their performance and achieve their goals. This consultancy work serves as an additional source of income.

Continuous Growth and Expansion

Ed Mylett’s financial success is a result of his relentless commitment to personal growth and his ability to diversify his income streams. Ed Mylett is a dynamic entrepreneur and speaker who continues to expand his reach and impact. His net worth is a testament to his dedication, business acumen, and the valuable insights he imparts to those seeking success in their personal and professional lives.

Ed Mylett Quotes

– “You have to want it more than you’re afraid of it.”

– “Your ability to handle uncertainty will determine your success.”

– “Don’t be the same; be better.”

– “Your current conditions are someone else’s best day.”

– “Success loves preparation.”

– “Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.”

– “Be obsessed with improvement.”

– “Your results are your responsibility.”

– “The worst thing you can do is just nothing.”

– “You can’t dominate a game you don’t understand.”

– “Do today what others won’t, so tomorrow you can do what others can’t.”

– “It’s not about having time; it’s about making time.”

– “Excellence is a decision.”

– “You’re not entitled to anything; you earn everything.”

– “What you think about, you bring about.”

– “You’re one decision away from a totally different life.”

– “Make fear your tailwind, not your headwind.”

– “The only thing between you and your goal is the story you keep telling yourself.”

– “You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.”

– “Your dream should be so clear, so vivid, that it scares you.”

– “Get up, dress up, show up, and never give up.”

– “Chase the vision, not the money.”

– “Passion fuels the journey.”

– “It’s not about being the best; it’s about being the best you can be.”

– “Success is a marathon, not a sprint.”

– “You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do.”

– “Average is a failing formula.”

– “The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.”

– “Be the exception, not the rule.”

Ed Mylett Biography

Ed Mylett is a renowned entrepreneur, speaker, and performance coach known for his expertise in time management, personal development, and peak performance. With a captivating speaking style, he inspires audiences around the world with his powerful messages of success and motivation.

Ed Mylett’s Early Life and Baseball Career

Before embarking on his remarkable entrepreneurial journey and becoming a prominent motivational speaker, Ed Mylett had a promising baseball career. He was born and raised in Diamond Bar, California, in the heart of Los Angeles County. During his formative years, Ed was known for his passion for sports, particularly baseball.

Ed Mylett attended the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California, where he not only pursued higher education but also played collegiate baseball. His time as a student-athlete at the university was instrumental in shaping his character and instilling valuable life lessons such as discipline, teamwork, and resilience.

Professional Success

Ed Mylett’s journey to success is a testament to his unwavering commitment to personal growth. He has accumulated a significant net worth through his ventures in various industries and investments.

As a prolific author, Ed Mylett has authored several books, including those that delve into time management strategies and motivational insights. His book list serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to enhance their lives and achieve their goals.

One of the keys to Ed Mylett’s success lies in his disciplined morning routine, which emphasizes the importance of starting the day with intention and purpose. His routines are designed to optimize productivity and set a positive tone for the day ahead.

SoCal Coastal Family Life

Beyond his baseball career and entrepreneurial endeavors, Ed Mylett places great importance on his family life. He resides in the picturesque coastal community of Laguna Beach, California, with his wife Kristianna and their two children. The tranquil surroundings of Laguna Beach provide a perfect backdrop for a balanced life. It is here where Ed often films his podcast/YouTube show and enjoys quality time with his loved ones amidst the natural beauty of the Southern California coastline.

Ed’s commitment to his family is evident in his public statements and social media presence, where he often shares moments of togetherness and the importance of maintaining a strong and supportive family unit. His dedication to both his career and family life serves as a testament to his belief that success extends beyond financial achievements and encompasses a fulfilling and harmonious personal life.

Motivational Icon

Incorporating his experiences as a student-athlete, family man, and successful entrepreneur, Ed Mylett continues to inspire individuals worldwide with his unique blend of motivational wisdom and relatable life stories.

Ed Mylett’s teachings often intersect with the philosophies of thought leaders like Joe Dispenza, further enriching his message of personal development and empowerment.

In addition to his books and speaking engagements, Ed Mylett is widely recognized for his inspirational quotes, which serve as a source of motivation and guidance for individuals striving for excellence.

Ed Mylett continues to make a significant impact in the world of personal development, coaching, and entrepreneurship, leaving a legacy of success and empowerment for generations to come.

Unveiling Success: A Comparison of Ed Mylett and Florence Scovel Shinn


In the realm of personal development and self-improvement, two influential figures stand out: Ed Mylett, a contemporary performance coach and motivational speaker, and Florence Scovel Shinn, a pioneer in the field of New Thought and metaphysical teachings. While separated by time and background, their teachings share common threads that empower individuals to manifest success and fulfillment in their lives. In this article, we’ll delve into the teachings of Ed Mylett and Florence Scovel Shinn, exploring their similarities and differences.

Ed Mylett: The Pursuit of Excellence

Ed Mylett is a modern-day success coach known for his dynamic presentations and motivational insights. His teachings emphasize several key principles:

Mindset Matters: Ed Mylett underscores the significance of cultivating a growth mindset. He encourages individuals to believe in their potential for growth and to approach challenges as opportunities for learning and improvement.

Discipline and Consistency: Mylett stresses the importance of discipline and consistent effort in achieving success. He believes that small, daily actions, when compounded over time, lead to significant results.

Taking Ownership: One of Ed Mylett’s central teachings is personal responsibility. He empowers his audience to take ownership of their lives, decisions, and results, emphasizing that success begins with accountability.

The Power of Visualization: Like Florence Scovel Shinn, Ed Mylett acknowledges the power of visualization. He encourages individuals to create a vivid mental image of their goals, fostering belief and determination.

Florence Scovel Shinn: The Power of Affirmations

Florence Scovel Shinn, a pioneer in New Thought philosophy, focused on the power of the spoken and written word. Her teachings revolve around:

Positive Affirmations: Scovel Shinn advocated for the use of positive affirmations to shape one’s reality. She believed that affirmations, when repeated with faith and conviction, could manifest desires.

The Law of Attraction: Much like Ed Mylett’s emphasis on mindset, Scovel Shinn emphasized that like attracts like. She taught that by maintaining positive thoughts and feelings, individuals could attract positive experiences.

Letting Go of Fear: Florence Scovel Shinn encouraged her followers to release fear and doubt. She believed that fear acted as a barrier to achieving one’s desires and that faith should replace fear.

Divine Order: Scovel Shinn’s teachings often included the concept of divine order, trusting that the universe has a plan and timing for manifesting one’s desires.

Comparing the Teachings

Mindset and Visualization: Both Ed Mylett and Florence Scovel Shinn recognize the power of mindset and visualization. While Mylett emphasizes the importance of growth mindset, Scovel Shinn champions the use of positive affirmations as a means of shaping one’s mindset.

Discipline and Consistency: Mylett and Scovel Shinn align on the significance of discipline and consistency. Ed Mylett’s teachings on daily actions align with the practice of regularly using affirmations promoted by Scovel Shinn.

Ownership and Responsibility: Both speakers underscore the importance of personal responsibility. Mylett emphasizes taking ownership of one’s life, while Scovel Shinn encourages individuals to take responsibility for their thoughts and words.

Faith and Trust: Florence Scovel Shinn’s teachings on faith and trust align with Ed Mylett’s emphasis on belief in oneself and one’s potential.

Ed Mylett’s Extraordinary Journey and Teachings

Ed Mylett’s remarkable journey from the insurance industry to becoming a multimillionaire entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author, and coach exemplifies the transformative power of determination and unwavering belief in one’s potential. With an estimated net worth of hundreds of millions, Mylett’s life story serves as a testament to his own teachings and principles.

While his approach is modern and dynamic, his core message shares common ground with that of Florence Scovel Shinn, emphasizing the power of belief, positive thinking, and action in achieving success. Together, they inspire generations to manifest their dreams and cultivate the mindset required for greatness, transcending eras and styles to make a lasting impact on personal development and success.