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Gregg Braden Quotes

“The Divine Matrix is the field of energy that connects everything in the universe.”

“The better we know ourselves, the better equipped we are for whatever we may face in our lives.”

“Our beliefs have the power to change the flow of events in the Universe–literally to interrupt and redirect time, matter, and space, and the events that occur within them.”

“We are never more than a belief away from our greatest love, deepest healing, and most profound miracles.”

“When we choose to feel the feeling, the healing begins.”

“In a holographic ‘something’, every piece of the world is a reflection of the whole.”

“Feel the feelings of your dream fulfilled and your prayer is answered.”

“To create reality, focus beyond the outcome, as if it has already occurred.”

“We can change the world, definitely. The only thing that stops us is ourselves.”

“Through the power of our forgotten inner technology, we can heal, bilocate, be everywhere at once, remote-view, connect telepathically, choose peace, and do everything in between.”

“The greatest crisis we face is a crisis in thinking.”

“The space isn’t empty. It’s full of a living essence that responds to our beliefs.”

“The universe operates under simple principles that apply to everything from an atom to a human being, to a galaxy.”

“Our truest nature is to see the world through compassionate eyes.”

“The universe reflects what we believe about our relationship to it.”

“Our ability to understand and feel compassion for ourselves and others is directly related to our ability to understand and feel compassion for nature.”

“Heart-based living empowers us in the presence of change.”

“Feeling is the language that speaks to the Divine Matrix.”

“To change the things in our lives, and the world we live in, we must change what we believe about them.”

“When we change the way we think and feel about our relationships, we change the quality of those relationships.”

“When we know the facts of what we can be and what we can do, we don’t respond to a crisis from our limits, instead, we respond to possibilities.”

“The secret of our lost mode of prayer is to shift our perspective of life by feeling that the miracle has already happened and our prayers have been answered. Now we have the opportunity to bring this wisdom into our lives as prayers of gratitude for what already exists, rather than asking for our prayers to be answered.”

“By accepting the ‘programming’ of our beliefs, we create everything about us.”

“When we find ourselves up against a wall of our own limiting beliefs, the power to tear down those walls may already be locked inside of us.”

“The more we can love ourselves, the easier it becomes for us to love others.”

“Gratitude and appreciation for life, ourselves, and others, are among the most powerful of all emotions.”

“Through our thanksgiving, we honor all possibilities and bring the ones we choose into this world.”

“In a malleable world where everything from atoms to cells is changing to match our beliefs, we’re limited only by the way we think of ourselves in that world.”

“It’s our love for one another that heals the wounds of the past and gives us the courage to face the world.”

“Compassion changes the way we look at the world and the people around us.”

“It is in the darkness that we find the light.”

“We are bathed in a field of intelligent energy that fills what used to be thought of as empty space.”

“To unleash the force of the divine matrix in our lives, we must understand how it works and speak the language that it recognizes.”

“When we choose peace, healing, and love over war, destruction, and hate, we choose a path that allows us to become the greatest version of ourselves.”

“Nature uses a few simple, self-similar, and repeating patterns—fractals—to build atoms into familiar patterns of everything from elements and molecules to trees and humans.”

“In our world of choices, it’s the surest way to discover the options that resonate with your deepest beliefs about ‘who you are.'”

“To heal the wounds from our past, we must change the beliefs that created them.”

“Healing is making whole, and making whole is an act of acceptance.”

“The key to our transformation is simply this: the better we know ourselves, the better equipped we will be to make our choices wisely.”

“We live in a world where everything is connected. We cannot longer think in terms of ‘us’ and ‘them’ when it comes to the consequences of the way we live.”

“The Divine Matrix is the container that holds the universe, the bridge between all things, and the mirror that shows us what we have created.”

“When we can feel in our bodies what we are choosing with our beliefs, a new world of possibilities opens up for us.”

“The focus of our awareness becomes the reality of our world.”

“Through the holographic template of the Divine Matrix, we participate in the ongoing creation of the universe.”

Who Is Gregg Braden?

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Universe: A Biography of Gregg Braden

In a world teeming with self-help gurus and motivational speakers, Gregg Braden stands out as a unique figure who combines science, spirituality, and ancient wisdom to offer a holistic perspective on life, the universe, and everything in between. Born on June 28, 1954, in Missouri, USA, Braden has carved out a niche as an author, scientist, and renowned speaker known for his ability to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. His work aims to empower people to embrace their inner potential and create positive changes in their lives and the world around them.

Early Life and Education

Growing up in a small town in Missouri, Gregg developed an early fascination with the natural world, which inspired his future endeavors. He studied earth sciences and biology at different colleges and universities, eventually earning a Bachelor of Science degree. His early career was steeped in science, with him working as a geologist, senior computer systems designer, and technical operations manager.

A Shift Towards Spirituality

Despite his success in the scientific and technical fields, Gregg felt a longing for something more profound. This desire led him to explore the world of spirituality, ancient wisdom, and metaphysics. He began studying various ancient texts, indigenous traditions, and spiritual practices from around the world. His quest for knowledge took him to remote monasteries in Tibet, Peru’s high mountain villages, and the mysterious deserts of Egypt.

Braden’s journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening inspired him to share his insights and knowledge with others. He began writing books, giving lectures, and conducting workshops around the world.

Career and Contributions

Gregg Braden is the author of several best-selling books, including “The Divine Matrix,” “The God Code,” and “Deep Truth.” His writings explore the intersection of science, spirituality, and ancient wisdom, offering a holistic perspective on life’s most pressing issues.

Braden’s work delves into topics such as the power of belief, the science of miracles, and the potential for human evolution. He explores the ancient wisdom of indigenous cultures and spiritual traditions, highlighting their relevance in today’s modern world. His work also examines the potential for bridging the gap between science and spirituality, offering a more holistic perspective on life and the universe.

One of the key concepts in Braden’s work is the idea that everything in the universe is connected through a vast, intricate web of energy and information, which he refers to as the “Divine Matrix.” He suggests that by understanding and tapping into this matrix, individuals can harness their inner potential to create positive changes in their lives and the world around them.

Public Reception

Gregg Braden’s work has been well-received by a global audience, and he is a popular speaker at conferences and events worldwide. His unique perspective, combining science, spirituality, and ancient wisdom, has resonated with individuals seeking a deeper understanding of life and the universe. However, like with many figures in the realm of spirituality and self-help, there have been skeptics and critics who question the validity of some of his theories and interpretations of scientific and historical data.

Gregg Braden’s journey from a scientist to a spiritual teacher and author is a testament to his commitment to exploring the mysteries of life and the universe. His work, which bridges the gap between science and spirituality, offers a unique and holistic perspective on the challenges facing humanity and the potential for positive change. Whether you agree with all of his theories or not, there’s no denying that Braden’s work challenges us to think more deeply about our place in the universe and the power we hold to shape our own destiny.

Florence Scovel Shinn and Gregg Braden: Navigating the Crossroads of Spiritual Laws and Science

In the vast expanse of manifestation teachings, few contrasts are as enriching as the one between Florence Scovel Shinn, a New Thought pioneer, and Gregg Braden, a modern-day scientist delving into the mysteries of ancient wisdom. While one hails from the early 20th-century New Thought movement, the other merges ancient traditions with scientific revelations. This article unveils the intriguing juxtaposition of their teachings on manifestation.

Florence Scovel Shinn: The Dance of Affirmations and Spiritual Truths

Florence Scovel Shinn, through her notable work “The Game of Life and How to Play It,” shed light on the spiritual laws governing our existence. For Shinn, the universe was an intricate web where words had potent power. Affirmations, when spoken with conviction and faith, could transform one’s reality.

Shinn’s philosophy stemmed from the essence of aligning with divine intent and the power of intuition. She believed in a responsive universe, one that echoed back the affirmations and beliefs of its inhabitants.

Gregg Braden: The Science of Self Empowerment

Gregg Braden is renowned for his explorations into the space where science meets spirituality. By blending age-old traditions with scientific discoveries, Braden offers a perspective that challenges conventional beliefs. His investigations into the human heart’s electromagnetic field and ancient prayer techniques reveal the tangible, scientific basis for the manifestation processes revered by ancient cultures.

Braden’s teachings revolve around the concept that there exists a universal matrix or field that responds to human emotions and beliefs, a notion that finds resonance with quantum physics.

Comparative Insights: Shinn vs. Braden

1. Affirmations vs. Heart-Based Living:

While both acknowledge the significance of belief systems, Shinn’s teachings revolve around spoken affirmations. Braden, on the other hand, delves into heart-coherence — a state where our heart, mind, and emotions are in harmonious alignment, amplifying manifestation potential.

2. Spiritual Laws vs. The Divine Matrix:

Shinn’s perspective is rooted in the idea of spiritual laws that guide life. Braden introduces the concept of a ‘Divine Matrix,’ a field that connects everything, and within which, our beliefs and feelings shape reality.

3. Intuition vs. Science-backed Spirituality:

Shinn leans heavily on the role of intuition and divine guidance in navigating life. Braden marries intuition with science, emphasizing the scientific underpinnings of ancient spiritual practices.


Florence Scovel Shinn and Gregg Braden, though separated by eras and approaches, both contribute to the beautiful tapestry of manifestation wisdom. Shinn’s teachings on affirmations and spiritual alignment offer a foundation rooted in spiritual laws. Meanwhile, Braden elevates this understanding, tying ancient insights to the revelations of modern science.

For manifestation enthusiasts, weaving together Shinn’s spiritual insights with Braden’s science-backed revelations can pave the way for a deeper, more comprehensive grasp on the art and science of crafting reality.

Journeying Through Spiritual Landscapes: Evocative Leaders and Their Profound Messages

Diverse thinkers and orators have etched their unique imprints in the expansive world of self-growth and spiritual exploration. Tony Robbins ignites a flame of personal transformation with his passionate advocacy for mastering one’s emotions, finances, and life. His unwavering belief in human potential has empowered countless individuals to rewrite their life stories. Oprah Winfrey, a beacon of inspiration and grace, elevates spiritual and personal growth to the masses, championing stories of resilience and human spirit through her media empire.

In an unexpected twist, Phyllis Diller, better known for her comedic prowess, provides candid reflections on life’s ironies, teaching us the healing power of laughter and perspective. Carrie Ann Moss, transcending her cinematic achievements, explores the realm of mindfulness and motherhood, emphasizing the profound connection between self-care and familial love. Dr. Christianne Northrup delves deep into women’s health, blending science with spirituality, asserting the undeniable link between physical and emotional well-being.

Bob Proctor, a stalwart of the law of attraction, offers elucidations on the paradigms that shape our lives, propelling many towards abundance and success. Bruce Lipton, through his pioneering work in epigenetics, posits that beliefs and environment sway our biology, a groundbreaking perspective in understanding our true potential. Gregg Braden harmoniously blends spirituality with science, offering a perspective on the world that beckons the curious to understand life’s deeper mysteries.

Dr. Dain Heer champions the transformative power of consciousness, advocating for a holistic approach to well-being and personal evolution through his work with Access Consciousness. Lastly, Mel Robbins, with her pragmatic and actionable advice, introduces the world to the ‘5 Second Rule,’ a testament to the latent power within quick decisions and breaking procrastination’s chains.

Collectively, these luminaries illuminate various paths, each leading to a deeper understanding of oneself and the universe. Their teachings form a mosaic of insights, inviting seekers everywhere to find resonance, healing, and purpose in their journeys.