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Helene Hadsell SPEC: The Contest Queen

​​Helene Hadsell Biography

Helene Hadsell, a name synonymous with the art of manifesting, embarked on a remarkable journey that would not only change her life but also inspire countless individuals worldwide. Her unique connection with luminaries like Jose Silva and Joseph Murphy, along with her unwavering determination, led her to become a true master manifestor.

Early Life and Encounters with Silva and Murphy

Helene Hadsell’s journey began in [Birthplace] in [Year]. She grew up in a loving family that encouraged curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge. Her early years were marked by an insatiable thirst for understanding the mysteries of the mind and human potential.

It was during this time that Helene’s path crossed with that of Jose Silva, a pioneer in the field of mind empowerment. Silva’s groundbreaking research and techniques had a profound impact on Helene, setting the stage for her lifelong exploration of the power of the mind.

In her quest for knowledge, Helene also encountered Joseph Murphy, a renowned author and lecturer on the subjects of metaphysics and the subconscious mind. Murphy’s teachings resonated deeply with Helene, further igniting her passion for unlocking the hidden potentials of the human psyche.

The Master Manifestor Emerges

Helene Hadsell’s journey took a significant turn when she delved into the world of manifestation and visualization. Drawing from the wisdom of Silva, Murphy, and other luminaries, she developed a unique and highly effective approach to manifesting her desires.

One of her most notable achievements was winning multiple sweepstakes prizes, including a house, a car, and various other valuable items. Her remarkable success garnered widespread attention, leading her to be featured in several publications and TV shows. Helene’s accomplishments were a living testament to the power of focused intention and belief.

Legacy and Impact

Helene Hadsell’s life story continues to inspire and guide individuals seeking to unlock their manifesting potential. Her unique connection with Jose Silva and Joseph Murphy, coupled with her unwavering dedication, has left an indelible mark on the field of personal development.

She has authored books, conducted workshops, and shared her wisdom with those eager to tap into their innate abilities. Helene’s teachings emphasize the importance of clarity, persistence, and belief in the manifestation process, echoing the lessons she learned from her mentors.

Helene Hadsell’s journey from a curious seeker to a master manifestor stands as a testament to the boundless potential of the human mind. Her connection with luminaries like Jose Silva and Joseph Murphy enriched her understanding of manifestation and paved the way for her own remarkable achievements.

Helene’s legacy endures not only through her own success but also through the countless lives she has touched with her teachings. Her story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for those who believe in the power of the mind to shape their destinies. Helene Hadsell’s name will forever be associated with the art of manifesting, reminding us that with clarity, belief, and unwavering determination, we can manifest our deepest desires and lead fulfilling lives.

Master Manifestor Journeys

At first glance, Florence Scovel Shinn, a New Thought movement leader, and Helene Hadsell, the modern-day ‘Contest Queen,’ might seem like they belong to two entirely different realms. Yet, both have been celebrated for their profound understanding of the law of attraction and manifestation. In this piece, we’ll delve into the teachings of these two luminaries, comparing their perspectives and techniques on attracting abundance and success.

Florence Scovel Shinn: Affirmations Rooted in Spiritual Laws

Best known for her work, “The Game of Life and How to Play It,” Florence Scovel Shinn’s teachings emphasize the divine energy embedded in words. According to Shinn, spoken affirmations, when aligned with faith, can radically transform one’s life.

For Shinn, the universe operates on spiritual laws. Aligning oneself with these laws and utilizing the power of affirmations, individuals can manifest their desires. She believed that the universe was inherently responsive; it echoed back the faith and affirmations individuals put forth.

Helene Hadsell SPEC it!

Helene Hadsell’s success in consistently winning contests earned her the title of the ‘Contest Queen.’ Her philosophy was encapsulated in her acronym “SPEC”:

  • Select it
  • Project it
  • Expect it
  • Collect it

Hadsell believed in being precise about what one wants (Select it), visualizing the outcome intensely (Project it), having unwavering belief in its fruition (Expect it), and then being ready to receive or claim it (Collect it). Her methods were practical, grounded in specificity, visualization, and a deep-seated belief in positive outcomes.

Helene Hadsell SPEC Manifesting and Mind Valley Influencer

Helen Hadsell’s SPEC method is a revolutionary approach that encompasses a profound, yet straightforward formula for manifesting one’s desires. The acronym SPEC stands for Select, Project, Expect, and Collect. The idea behind this technique is simple: Select what you want, Project your intention into the universe, Expect it to come to fruition, and then be ready to Collect your desired outcome. 

Mild Valley and Vishen Lakhiani recognized the transformative potential of Hadsell’s SPEC method and visited her home to capture its essence through video footage. Lakhiani, always on the lookout for powerful tools and teachings to enhance personal growth, was deeply impressed by Hadsell’s SPEC method. He incorporated the teachings into his own courses, providing his vast audience with valuable insights into the power of focused intention and the steps necessary to realize one’s dreams.

The collaboration between Hadsell and Lakhiani illuminated the enduring relevance of the SPEC method. As more individuals apply this approach in their lives, they uncover the innate power within themselves to shape their destinies and achieve their highest aspirations.

Comparative Insights: Shinn vs. Hadsell

1. Spiritual vs. Practical:

Shinn’s teachings lean heavily on the spiritual side, emphasizing the universal spiritual laws and divine guidance. Hadsell, while spiritual in her understanding, provides a more structured and pragmatic approach to manifestation.

2. Universal Laws vs. Personal Power:

While Shinn talks about aligning with universal laws, Hadsell’s focus is more on harnessing individual power and intention. For Hadsell, the universe responds to clarity and unwavering expectation.

3. Affirmative Speech vs. Visualization:

Shinn focuses on the verbal affirmation and the spiritual potency of words. Hadsell, in contrast, places a lot of emphasis on visualization — a powerful tool to project and magnetize the desired outcome.


Both Florence Scovel Shinn and Helene Hadsell offer invaluable insights into the world of manifestation. Shinn’s spiritual foundation gives seekers a deep understanding of the cosmic dance of affirmations and faith. Meanwhile, Hadsell’s SPEC method provides a practical roadmap to manifesting desires.

For those in the journey of self-discovery and manifestation, blending Shinn’s spiritual affirmations with Hadsell’s precise visualization techniques might just be the key to unlocking boundless potential and abundance.

Related Spiritual and Manifestation Teachers: Comparing to Florence Scovel Shinn

The landscape of spiritual growth and manifestation is richly adorned with thinkers and visionaries, each carving out pathways of understanding for seekers worldwide. Jose Silva, pioneer of the Silva Method, championed the boundless capacities of the human mind, advocating for the harnessing of one’s mental faculties to achieve desired outcomes. Helene Hadsell, with her enchanting story of perennial contest victories, demonstrated the precision and potency of positive expectation, coining it as SPEC (Select it, Project it, Expect it, Collect it).

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale illuminated countless lives with his teachings on the power of positive thinking, asserting that optimism and faith can overcome the hurdles of life. Similarly, Dr. Joseph Murphy emphasized the subconscious mind’s role, noting how our deeply held beliefs can shape our destiny. The transcendentalist wisdom of Ralph Waldo Emerson celebrated the divine spark within each individual and the interconnectedness of all life, touching upon the broader strokes of manifesting one’s destiny in harmony with nature.

Dolores Cannon, with her deep dives into past life regression and quantum healing, shed light on the soul’s journey, intertwining spirituality with the vastness of the cosmos. Robert A. Russell, in his spiritually insightful writings, elucidated the metaphysical principles that govern our lives, making abstract concepts palpable. The foundational work of Wallace D. Wattles, particularly “The Science of Getting Rich,” elucidated a systematic approach to wealth and abundance, emphasizing the importance of visualization and gratitude.Lastly, Earl Nightingale, often termed the “Dean of Personal Development,” imparted age-old wisdom in his iconic message that we become what we think about, underscoring the profound impact of our persistent thoughts on shaping reality.

Together, these luminaries, with their distinct yet interconnected teachings, have painted a mosaic of spiritual and manifestational wisdom, guiding countless souls on their journeys of self-discovery and actualization.