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How to Let Go When Manifesting a Specific Person

Ensuring Your Intentions Align with the Universe

Manifesting, at its core, is the act of aligning one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions with their desires.

Many turn to manifestation in hopes of drawing a specific person closer, but there’s a delicate balance to maintain. How do we manifest without becoming obsessive or jeopardizing our well-being? In this guide, we’ll explore how to let go and ensure your manifestations are in harmony with the universe.

Understanding the Essence of Letting Go

Letting go doesn’t mean giving up. Rather, it signifies trust in the universe, confidence in the process, and the wisdom to know that if something is meant for us, it will find its way. When manifesting a specific person, the aim is to send out your intention and then allow the universe to do its part.

Avoiding Negative Manifestations

Often, in our anxiety and impatience, we dwell on worst-case scenarios. But how to stop manifesting bad things? It’s crucial to maintain a positive mindset. Remember, negative energy can deflect your desires. So, trust the process and ensure your mind is clutter-free from pessimistic outcomes.

The Power of Nightly Rituals: Manifesting Before Sleep

Manifesting before sleep has been lauded by many as a potent method. As you drift off to sleep, your subconscious mind becomes more receptive. Visualize your desires as reality, feel the emotions, and release them to the universe, trusting they’ll materialize in the right time.

But, Can Manifesting Backfire?

Like any tool, when misused, manifesting can backfire. This typically happens when intentions aren’t pure or when they infringe upon another’s free will. Always approach manifesting from a place of love, respect, and authenticity.

Tools to Aid Manifestation

1. Essential Oil for Manifesting

Scents have powerful effects on our psyche. Oils like rose, sandalwood, and jasmine can raise our vibrational frequency and aid in manifesting love and connection.

 2. Best Crystal for Manifesting Love

Rose quartz is a popular choice. This crystal resonates with the heart chakra, amplifying love and compassion.

Staying Updated: Best Manifesting Teachers 2023

To fine-tune your manifesting skills, it’s beneficial to learn from the best. The best manifesting teachers in 2023 have shared transformative techniques and insights. Dive into their teachings, webinars, and books to gain diverse perspectives and broaden your manifesting prowess.

Addressing Spiritual Concerns: Is Manifesting Against God?

A common question that arises is, is manifesting against God? Manifesting, in essence, is about co-creating with the universe or God. It’s about realizing and harnessing the power and potential that the divine has bestowed upon us.

Most spiritual perspectives assert that manifesting aligns with God’s will, as long as intentions are pure and for the greater good.

Manifesting a Specific Person: Neville Goddard’s Perspective

Neville Goddard, a leading figure in the New Thought movement, has had a profound influence on the way modern spiritual practitioners approach the concept of manifestation. When it comes to manifesting a specific person, Goddard’s teachings offer a unique and powerful perspective that combines imagination, feeling, and faith.

Imagination Is Reality

At the heart of Goddard’s philosophy is the idea that imagination creates reality.

According to Goddard, everything we experience in our physical world first begins as a thought or an image in the mind. When one desires to manifest a specific person, Goddard suggests visualizing scenes that imply the fulfillment of the desired relationship.

For instance, instead of merely picturing moments with that person, one should visualize a scene that would occur if the relationship were already a reality – perhaps receiving congratulations from friends or celebrating an anniversary.

Feeling is the Secret

For Goddard, it is not enough to merely visualize; one must also infuse these imaginations with the genuine emotions they would feel if the desire were already fulfilled. This principle is encapsulated in his phrase, “Feeling is the secret.”

In the context of manifesting a specific person, this means truly immersing oneself in the joy, love, and satisfaction of the relationship as though it’s a present reality. It’s not about wanting or longing but about feeling and believing it’s already done.

Living in the End

Another significant tenet of Goddard’s approach is the idea of “living in the end.” This involves behaving, thinking, and feeling as if your wish has already been fulfilled.

In manifesting a specific person, it means assuming the feeling of the relationship’s success, regardless of external circumstances. It’s about anchoring oneself in the conviction that the imagined relationship is real and letting this belief inform one’s actions and responses.

Overcoming Doubts with Persistence

Goddard acknowledges that doubts and negative thoughts might arise during the manifestation process.

However, he emphasizes the power of persistence. By continually focusing on the desired outcome and consistently feeling its reality, these doubts can be overshadowed.

Goddard suggests using techniques like revision, where one mentally alters any negative experiences from the day to align with the desired reality, ensuring that one’s mental diet is consistently positive and aligned with their goal.

Manifesting a specific person from Neville Goddard’s viewpoint involves much more than mere wishful thinking. It’s a transformative process that combines vivid imagination, intense emotion, and unwavering faith.

By embodying the state of the wish fulfilled and consistently living in that end, one aligns with the desired reality, allowing it to materialize in the external world.

How To Let Go When Manifesting an SP – Florence & Neville Style

Florence Scovel Shinn, a beacon in the world of affirmations and positive thinking, always emphasized the power of the spoken word in shaping our reality.

Her teachings mirror the essence of manifesting a specific person; by affirming and visualizing, we create a fertile ground for our desires to materialize. 

Similarly, Neville Goddard’s teachings echo this sentiment. He often spoke of the ‘feeling’ being the secret. For Neville, it wasn’t enough to just visualize; one had to genuinely feel the reality of their desires and live in the end result, mentally occupying the space of their wishes fulfilled.

 Both luminaries, in their unique ways, accentuate the profound role our consciousness plays in our external realities.

When manifesting a specific person, it’s a blend of unwavering faith, positive affirmations, and a deep, emotive connection to the end result that can bridge the gap between dream and reality.

In the vast ocean of manifesting techniques, the wisdom of Scovel Shinn and Goddard shines brightly, serving as timeless anchors of truth and clarity.


Manifesting a specific person requires more than just intense desire; it requires faith, patience, and a genuine understanding of the cosmic dance between intention and surrender. Let go, trust the journey, and know that the universe always has your back.