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Florence Scovel Shinn and Lacy Phillips: Tracing the Arc of Manifestation Teachings

Lacy Phillips, Manifest by Unblocking limiting beliefs

In the expansive domain of manifestation teachings, different eras have produced distinctive luminaries. Among them stand Florence Scovel Shinn, a beacon of early 20th-century New Thought wisdom, and Lacy Phillips, a contemporary manifestation advisor with a fresh, modern approach. Each of these figures offers insights into harnessing one’s personal power to manifest desires. But how do their teachings intersect, and where do they diverge? Let’s dive into a comparative exploration.

Florence Scovel Shinn: The Spiritual Art of Affirmation

Shinn’s teachings were groundbreaking in their time. Rooted deeply in spiritual understanding and metaphysical principles, she posited that our spoken words and internal affirmations hold power. The emphasis was on aligning one’s declarations with divine truth, ensuring positive outcomes.

In her magnum opus, “The Game of Life and How to Play It,” Shinn outlines the spiritual laws governing life. She held that by aligning with these laws and using affirmations, individuals could navigate challenges and manifest their desires.

Lacy Phillips: The Modern Alchemy of Unblocking and Expansion

Lacy Phillips, with her innovative approach, takes manifestation beyond just positive thinking. Her methodology emphasizes “unblocking” limiting beliefs and expanding one’s sense of self-worth. She believes that manifesting isn’t about wanting, but about embodying and becoming a match for what one desires.

Through her platform, “To Be Magnetic,” Phillips offers workshops and tools that guide individuals in deep self-examination, helping them release blockages and elevate their self-worth to match their aspirations.

Contrasting Their Teachings on Manifestation

1. Affirmation vs. Unblocking

While Shinn emphasized the power of words and affirmations, Phillips delves deeper into the subconscious. She believes that before manifesting, one must first “unblock” any limiting beliefs or past traumas that hinder alignment with desires.

2. Spiritual Alignment vs. Self-worth

Shinn’s teachings revolve around spiritual laws and aligning oneself with divine truths. Phillips, while acknowledging a higher power, places significant focus on the individual’s sense of self-worth. For Phillips, one’s ability to manifest is directly proportional to their belief in their own worthiness.

3. Navigating Life’s Game vs. Becoming Magnetic

Shinn presents life as a game with set rules—understand and play by these rules, and you’ll succeed. Phillips’ approach is about becoming “magnetic” to your desires, emphasizing the law of attraction in a nuanced manner: elevate your self-worth and become an energetic match to what you desire.


While separated by nearly a century, Florence Scovel Shinn and Lacy Phillips enrich the manifestation dialogue with their unique perspectives. Shinn’s spiritual affirmations provide a foundational understanding, echoing the power of positive declarations and alignment with spiritual truths. Phillips, on the other hand, integrates modern psychology and a deeper understanding of human beliefs and traumas, offering a holistic approach to becoming a magnet for one’s desires.

For those on the manifestation journey, combining the spiritual affirmations of Shinn with Phillips’ deep introspective practices might create a harmonious blend, bridging traditional wisdom with modern insight.

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