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Florence & Life by Lucie: LOA Scripting

Life by Lucie, Manifest with Scripting

The world of manifestation has long been a realm of fascination, and as time progresses, new voices emerge, each adding depth and dimension to existing teachings. Two such voices, albeit from different eras, are Florence Scovel Shinn and Lucie, popularly known for her channel “Life by Lucie.” This piece seeks to juxtapose their teachings, unveiling the thread of continuity that runs through classic and contemporary manifestation thought.

​​Life by Lucie: How to Manifest – Scripting Style

The digital age has brought forth a plethora of influencers, educators, and changemakers, each contributing uniquely to the ever-expanding web of online learning. Amongst these digital mavens, a voice that stands out distinctly, especially in the realm of manifestation, is that of “Life by Lucie.” As a dedicated YouTube influencer, Lucie has carved a niche for herself, teaching scripting for manifesting and empowering viewers to transform their dreams into tangible realities.

An Organic Journey

Life by Lucie’s journey into the world of scripting and manifesting wasn’t a scripted one itself. Her initial forays into personal development and spirituality gradually evolved into a passionate exploration of manifestation techniques. With time, this passion morphed into a desire to share, educate, and guide others, culminating in the birth of her YouTube channel.

The Power of Law of Attraction Scripting

Through her videos, Lucie delves deep into the art of scripting – a manifestation technique where one writes down their desires as if they have already come to fruition. By vividly describing these realized dreams, individuals can align their energies with their intentions, effectively setting the universe’s wheels in motion. Lucie’s approach to scripting is not just theoretical. She combines her personal experiences with actionable steps, making the process relatable and practical for her viewers.

A Flourishing Digital Presence

“Life by Lucie” is not just a YouTube channel; it’s a growing community. With each video, Lucie connects with thousands, fostering a space where viewers can share their experiences, victories, and challenges. This interactive dynamic has made her channel a go-to hub for manifesting enthusiasts and beginners alike.

More Than Just Manifesting

While scripting for manifesting remains her forte, Lucie’s content palette is diverse. From personal vlogs that offer a glimpse into her life to deep-dives into related spiritual and personal development topics, she ensures her viewers receive a holistic experience.

In an era teeming with influencers, Life by Lucie shines bright, thanks to her authentic voice, genuine experiences, and a teaching style that resonates with many. For those looking to embark on a journey of manifestation, Lucie offers not just tools but also companionship, making the path less daunting and a lot more magical.

Florence Scovel Shinn: Timeless Spiritual Principles

Florence’s influence on the world of manifestation is profound:

  • Affirmations and Words: Shinn accentuated the potent power that words hold. For her, affirmations became a tool to channel one’s desires and bring them into the physical realm.
  • Faith and Divine Alignment: Shinn underscored the role of faith. She believed that true manifestations arise when one aligns with the divine order and trusts in the Universe’s plans.
  • Intuitive Guidance: To Shinn, intuition was more than just a gut feeling; it was divine guidance. She encouraged her followers to listen to and trust their intuition.

Life by Lucie: Modern Manifestation Mindset

Lucie’s approach to manifestation is a blend of practical mindset work and spiritual practices:

  • Visualizations: Lucie often speaks about the power of visualization. By mentally picturing what one desires, she argues, we align our energies to attract those visions into our life.
  • Limiting Beliefs and Mindset Work: One of Lucie’s central teachings revolves around identifying and transforming limiting beliefs. She encourages regular introspection to uncover beliefs that might be hindering manifestations.
  • Practical Action: While not detracting from the power of the Universe, Lucie emphasizes the importance of taking actionable steps towards one’s goals, marrying spiritual beliefs with practical endeavors.

Comparative Insights: Shinn vs. Lucie

1. Faith vs. Action: While Shinn heavily relies on faith and the Universe’s alignment, Lucie focuses on coupling that faith with tangible actions. Both approaches, however, are rooted in a deep trust in the Universe’s workings.

2. Intuition vs. Introspection: Shinn’s guidance hinges on listening to one’s intuition as a form of divine communication. In contrast, Lucie places importance on introspection, especially in understanding and reshaping one’s mindset.

3. Timelessness vs. Contemporary Techniques: Shinn’s teachings, rooted in early 20th-century thought, exude timelessness. Lucie’s advice, while building on such foundational principles, incorporates modern psychology and mindset techniques.


Florence Scovel Shinn and Life by Lucie, though separated by time, both tap into the perennial power of manifestation. Shinn’s eternal wisdom serves as a foundation, while Lucie’s contemporary approach makes manifestation more relatable and actionable for a modern audience. By understanding and integrating both perspectives, one can harness a comprehensive and powerful approach to creating their desired reality. Whether it’s the time-tested affirmations of Shinn or the practical mindset shifts promoted by Lucie, the journey of manifestation remains an ever-evolving dance between the spiritual and the tangible.

Manifesting Masters: Luminaries Guiding the Journey of Spiritual Enlightenment

If you’ve ever felt drawn to the profound insights of Florence Scovel Shinn, you might find intrigue in exploring the teachings of these contemporary spiritual thinkers and manifestation mentors. Their beliefs, while distinct in many ways, intersect with Shinn’s foundational truths in interesting dimensions.

An array of thought leaders has illumined the domain of manifestation and spiritual enlightenment, each offering their distinct insights that have touched the hearts and souls of myriad seekers. Ken Honda, often regarded as the “Zen Millionaire,” encapsulates the essence of abundance and prosperity, teaching the joy of managing money harmoniously. Lynne McTaggart dives deep into the mysteries of consciousness, blending science and spirituality to explore our interconnected reality and collective intention’s potential.

Leeor Alexandra, with her vibrant energy, imparts wisdom on aligning with the Universe, emphasizing that manifesting is a heart-centered endeavor. Access Consciousness offers transformative tools to change anything in one’s life, promoting greater awareness and personal freedom. 4Bidden Knowledge pushes the boundaries of conventional wisdom, exploring the fringes of cosmic understanding and ancient truths.

Liora, with her ethereal approach, emphasizes the importance of the soul’s journey and alignment with one’s true self. You Are Creators underscores the mighty power within all, driving home the message that we are the architects of our own reality. Sarah Centrella champions the power of visualization through her ‘Hustle Believe Receive’ methodology, fostering resilience and purpose-driven living.

Jake Ducey and Aaron Doughty both amplify the teachings around the law of attraction and conscious creation, guiding individuals to harness their innate capacities and reshape their realities. Lacy Phillips introduces a refreshing perspective on manifesting, focusing on self-worth and ‘shadow work’ to attract one’s desires. Pam Grout experiments with the Universe, crafting engaging ways to demonstrate that energy and intention can indeed shape outcomes.

Life by Lucie provides tangible steps for individuals to elevate their vibrations and live joyfully, while Shannon O’Hara delves into the world of entities and consciousness, broadening our understanding of the seen and unseen. Michael Sandler, with his penchant for heart-centered living, emphasizes alignment with one’s highest self and the beauty of synchronicity. 

Together, this ensemble of luminaries has crafted a rich tapestry of insights and teachings, guiding individuals toward a life of purpose, joy, and abundant manifestation.