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Florence Scovel Shinn and Lynne McTaggart: Metaphysics Meets Science in the World of Manifestation

Lynne McTaggart, The Science of Intention

Manifestation, once considered solely a spiritual or metaphysical concept, has seen an exciting confluence with scientific insights in recent times. Florence Scovel Shinn, a pioneer of New Thought philosophy, and Lynne McTaggart, a renowned investigative journalist and author, represent two ends of this spectrum. Let’s journey through their teachings to discern how traditional metaphysical wisdom can dovetail with modern scientific inquiry.

Florence Scovel Shinn: Classic Metaphysical Wisdom

Florence’s teachings are foundational to many modern manifestation philosophies:

  • The Power of Affirmation: Shinn profoundly believed in the power of words and thoughts. She emphasized that affirming with intention can alter one’s circumstances.
  • Alignment with the Divine: For Shinn, working in harmony with spiritual laws and divine order was key to successful manifestation.
  • Intuition Over Intellect: Shinn held intuition in high regard, seeing it as a divine compass, often more trustworthy than mere logical thought.

Lynne McTaggart: The Science of Intention

McTaggart, through her groundbreaking work, particularly “The Intention Experiment”, brings a scientific lens to the concept of thought influence:

  • Collective Intention: McTaggart’s experiments underscore the amplified power of collective thought. Her research suggests that group intention can have measurable effects on targeted outcomes.
  • Quantum Physics & Consciousness: McTaggart delves deep into the world of quantum mechanics, suggesting that human consciousness interacts with the quantum field, potentially influencing real-world outcomes.
  • Structured Thought: Unlike the free-flowing affirmations of Shinn, McTaggart emphasizes structured, precise intentions to maximize efficacy.

Comparative Insights: Shinn vs. McTaggart

1. Faith vs. Experimentation: Shinn’s teachings are rooted in faith and spiritual alignment. In contrast, McTaggart encourages a more experimental approach, seeking empirical evidence to back the claims of intention.

2. Individual Power vs. Collective Force: While Shinn emphasizes personal affirmations, McTaggart’s work reveals the compounded power of collective intention.

3. Metaphysical Belief vs. Quantum Reality: Shinn’s teachings are based on metaphysical principles, whereas McTaggart explores the intersection of consciousness and quantum physics, suggesting a scientific basis for the power of thought.


While Florence Scovel Shinn and Lynne McTaggart might appear to be discussing different realms, they converge on the fundamental belief that human intention and thought have power. Shinn’s spiritual affirmations and McTaggart’s scientific inquiries both point towards our intrinsic capability to influence our reality. Their combined insights suggest that whether through spiritual alignment or scientific understanding, tapping into the power of our intentions can lead to transformative experiences. As we move forward, the harmonious blending of these perspectives can offer a more comprehensive roadmap to the mysteries of manifestation.

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